We’re listening… please keep talking!


We’re listening… please keep talking!

Though our search for the perfect restaurant partner continues, we still want to know what you want.  Over the past few months we’ve asked you via social media what you are craving and have been blown away by your responses.  While more research and other variables will be considered before we decide which direction to go in,

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And Then There was Chef Will Mooney

We would be remiss to not feature an ode to The Brother’s Moon in our quest for learning about the previous lives of 7 West Broad.  

While in our research we came across this wonderful social media post from July 21, 2016.  NJ Restaurant Life,

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The Market Before the Market at 7 West Broad : “My father was our butcher”

Another lead in our sleuthing pointed us to the Sansone family who moved to the area around 1914.  You may recognize the name, the farm they owned and worked throughout the 1900’s is still alive and active on Rt 518!  

Several weeks back we had the sincere pleasure of speaking with Cathy Sansone whose father,

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The Pagano Family: Hopewell Village Market

Last week we had the pleasure of giving Vito Pagano a tour of the in-progress 7 West Broad.  Mr. Pagano is the son of Angelo and Joanie Pagano who owned the Hopewell Village Market for nearly two decades.  He had a lifetime of wonderful stories and memories to share!

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What are you hungry for?

As we envision the future of 7 West Broad we want to bring forth delicious and interesting food, build relationships with local farmers and artisans, produce special programming built around guest chefs, artists, writers, and musicians, and, perhaps even a local larder.  While we continue to search for the right partner to help bring our restaurant to life,

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Before: The American Stores Co


7 West Broad: once a hardware store, a market and butcher, a jewelry store…We are in the throes of discovering the rich past of this iconic building, with help from our local historical society and neighbors.  We want to pay homage to what 7 West Broad (and 9 West,

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Town Topics article: Hopewell Theater to Expand as Arts Hub with Restaurant Purchase

By Wendy Greenberg

Hopewell Theater, the recently-revamped club-style arts hub on South Greenwood Avenue, will be able to expand its programming with the addition of a new restaurant.

Renovations on the restaurant at 7 West Broad Street, formerly The Brothers Moon,

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Barebones: Revealing a Revolution at The Restaurant at 7 West Broad

Several weeks ago the interior demolition on our restaurant at 7 West Broad began.  While we always knew the restaurant was actually two neighboring buildings pieced together, we had no idea, until we started gutting the building, how dramatically that fact would be revealed!  Check it out:

When standing in what-was-the-kitchen looking out to what-was-the-dining room,

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ROI New Jersey News Article: Hopewell Theater expands with new restaurant

The Hopewell Theater will be expanding to include a new restaurant, according to Sara Scully of ScullyOne Productions and the theater’s co-founder.

The restaurant will be located at 7 West Broad St. in Hopewell, she said.

Scully, who opened the theater in 2017 and led its interior fit out renovation and branding startup phase,

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Fulfilling the Vision: HT’s Quest For The Right Restaurant Partner Continues

Purchasing the former Brother’s Moon restaurant at 7 West Broad Street earlier this year was not a decision we came to lightly.  The Brother’s Moon had been a staple in our community for nearly 20 years (not to mention the building’s prior history, but more to come on that!) and remains a beloved piece of dining nostalgia for neighbors,

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