We’re listening… please keep talking!

We’re listening… please keep talking!

Though our search for the perfect restaurant partner continues, we still want to know what you want.  Over the past few months we’ve asked you via social media what you are craving and have been blown away by your responses.  While more research and other variables will be considered before we decide which direction to go in, we are pleased to see a common thread of desire among our greater community.

Overwhelmingly, eclectic flavors and dishes such as brothy, Asian noodle soups like Pho and Ramen, curries, and rice bowls seem to be on most of your minds.  In addition to these we are also seeing a desire for small share plates and healthy-minded options. We are fortunate to be in an area where so many restaurants and eateries are uniquely delicious and we look forward to adding to Hopewell’s culinary scene. 

We also asked you to weigh in on the look, feel, and design of the new 7 West Broad.  It seems we are all on the same page with this one! Warm, fresh, and inviting; mindful of acoustics and a space that can easily go from day to night.  We are also interested in creating a space with special public and ticketed events. Ideas such as cooking classes, and other special events including authors, musicians, farmers, directors, and more have been on our minds as well. 

With each passing day we get closer and closer to what 7 West Broad will grow to be.  We continue to meet with chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, and you to see how we can make the new 7 West Broad a not-to-be-missed neighbor!