Hopewell Theater has assisted listening devices available upon request at the box office for deaf or hearing impaired. Closed captioning is available on films that provide them. To find out if your film includes closed captioning, please inquire at the box office at least 15 minutes before the film program starts, or call/email ahead of time. Phone: +1 (609) 466-1964. Email: BoxOffice@HopewellTheater.com
Entrances: The main lobby entrance is wheelchair accessible, along with the theater entrance to seating areas. Seating: There are four spaces for wheelchair seating at the back of the theater, left, right and center sections. Restrooms: Two wheelchair accessible restrooms are located in the lobby. Parking: There is a loading zone parking spot next door to the theater, in front of the Post Office for those who need to be dropped off.
Want to play at The Hopewell Theater, with your band or as a solo act? Please click Contact.
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Our box office is open the following days and times:
  • M-F 9a-5p
  • T-F 6p-8p
  • Sat 7p-9p
  • Sun 4p-8p
*Additional hours may be added due to additional show times. Please check website for event schedule.
Box office is open one hour before show time and can be reached by phone Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm at +1 (609) 466-1964, or by email at BoxOffice@HopewellTheater.com
All areas of the Hopewell Theater accommodate dining except for the second and third rows of fixed seating on the left and right, and second row of fixed seating in the center. Click here to see Hopewell Theater’s seat map with seat types indicated.
Patrons can enjoy a meal or dessert anytime at our dine-in theater. Our anytime menu features a wide array of choices that can be ordered at our concession stand—entrees, delicious desserts and, of course, traditional items like candy and popcorn. On special occasions we feature Supper Club Nights with a full meal served before the show, by a local chef or caterer. Tickets to the Supper Club must be purchased separately from tickets to the show.
Our Supper Clubs are full dinners served by wait staff at the tables in our theater, and are scheduled occasionally. Supper Clubs take place in the two hours prior to a scheduled show (never during a show) when the concession stand is closed. Check our dine-in schedule on the home page for full list of upcoming Supper Club events. Whereas, our concession stand is open during all shows and entrees, deserts and beverages can be ordered anytime before or during a show.
Yes, Supper Clubs are a package and include dinner and a ticket to the show afterward.
Yes, our concession stand offers traditional movie theater food like popcorn, candy, and soft drinks, along with delicious desserts and entree options.
We use only local caterers for Supper Clubs and the hosting chef’s name will be posted with the Supper Club event details. For our concession menu of small plates and desserts, we partner with local partners like The Bent Spoon and The Peasant Grill, and more!
We do not serve alcohol, wine or beer.
We do not allow outside food or non-alcoholic beverages. Please call our box office at 609-466-1964 for more information.
Our concession menu features some locally made and organic items, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. The menu is seasonal and often changing, so please check at the theater for the most up-to-date and fresh menu offerings. Supper Clubs vary depending on event and hosting chef.
Hopewell Theater is a 180 seat theater with flexible seating options, from intimate banquette table seating to traditional fixed theater seats, as well as a balcony overlooking the stage—a place where everyone can feel comfortable.
We are proud to offer a 10% discount on regularly priced film tickets to students with a valid student ID and senior citizens aged 55+. Student and Senior Citizen discounted tickets can be purchased at our Box Office in person or by calling 609-466-1964 during business hours. We also offer $6 film tickets to all patrons for screenings on Tuesday through Thursday evenings and weekend matinees.
Free parking can be found on the street in front of the theater. See attached maps for additional parking.
The Theater features a projector and a state-of-the-art surround sound system. The Hopewell Theater features state-of-the-art theater technology unlimited possibilities when it comes to the lighting the space. With a newly updated system of color-changing LEDs and top of the line programming options, there are endless possibilities for lighting, from theatrical performances to presentations. Custom tailored to the size and acoustics of the venue, the new state of the art sound system at Hopewell Theater provides smooth and even audio coverage for every seat in the venue. The professional digital audio system was installed with flexibility in mind, and is well suited for a range of events, from sound effects for theatrical presentations to live sound reinforcement for musical acts. And the new sound system doesn’t stop in the theatre auditorium – speakers in the lobby, bathrooms and the second-floor lounge, ensure that even if you have to leave your seat, you’ll never miss a note! To check out our full tech specs, please click here.

There are no fees applied to tickets purchased in person at our Box Office. As a member-benefit, HT will also waive Members’ ticketing and handling fees on phone orders.

For a live music or event ticket purchased online or by phone, each ticket will be subject to a Ticket Fee of either $3.50, $7.00, or $10.50 based on the price of the ticket:

  • Tickets up to $15 are subject to a $3.50 fee.
  • Tickets from $16 to $30 are subject to a $7.00 fee.
  • Tickets $31 or above are subject to a $10.50 fee.
  • Each online order of live music or event tickets will be subjected to a Handling Fee of $6.

For film tickets purchased online, each ticket will be subjected to a $3.50 Ticket Fee and no Handling Fee. For film tickets purchased by phone, each ticket is subject to a $3.50 Ticket Fee as well as a $6 Handling Fee per order.
All sales are final. No request for cancellations or refunds will be accepted. You may swap your ticket for another of equal or lessor value by calling or visiting the box office in person. If the ticket you're swapping for is of greater value, you must pay the difference; if of lessor value, the difference will not be refunded. In order to swap your ticket, you must present the order confirmation.
On certain shows, HT will allow ticket resale on our ticketing system only. To find out if your ticket is elligible for resale, please check your event on our website to see if "ticket resale is available" is indicated on the event page. If you do resell your ticket on our system, upon completion of the resale process, you will be credited the face value of your ticket(s), and any fees will be forfeited. If your ticket(s) remain unsold upon event start-date, no refund will be received and the ticket(s) will become valid through event end-time.
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