Experience live music, performance, comedy, film, discussion, and more in one indie theater. Dine in on local comfort food. Hopewell Theater is a spectacular live venue with state-of-the-art projection, lighting, and sound. The theater is also available for private events.

Reopening in September!

Reopening in September!

Normally, you'd see a special offer for free popcorn at concessions using a special code word here. Stay tuned for new specials once we reopen this September!

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Hopewell Theater has been presenting events for four seasons since our post-lockdown reopening in fall of 2021.

Your opinion matters to us, and helps guide our decisions moving forward almost a year later. Let us know how we’ve been doing and what you’d like to see in the future in our 2022 Post-Reopening Survey.

Panelists & Supper Club Menu for Food for Thought: “Julia”

This spring, our popular series, The Art of Living Well (AOLW), continues with new AOLW Supper Clubs entitled Food for Thought.

AOLW is known for presenting diverse programs that explore ways of cultivating serenity, meaning, and a deeper connection to one’s self and the world.

Meet the Panelists & Opener for May’s BLOW YO HORN Events

At Age 12, Syreeta Thompson knew the trumpet was the instrument for her. It was the loudest in the band, a way to be heard far above the noise of Chicago’s busy streets. Now, music fans have been singing her praises for over a decade.