Barebones: Revealing a Revolution at The Restaurant at 7 West Broad

Barebones: Revealing a Revolution at The Restaurant at 7 West Broad

Several weeks ago the interior demolition on our restaurant at 7 West Broad began.  While we always knew the restaurant was actually two neighboring buildings pieced together, we had no idea, until we started gutting the building, how dramatically that fact would be revealed!  Check it out:

When standing in what-was-the-kitchen looking out to what-was-the-dining room, you can see clearly the clapboard siding from one building right behind the wall of the other – almost completely untouched by time!   Up in the ceiling, we could see the gutters of the two buildings side by side with zero setback between them. That was the old days when it was okay to build like this!

After we pulled down the lead-paint covered tin ceilings, the height of the room gained about ten-feet letting the building breathe a little more freely.  Removing the walls down to the studs has allowed the space (and our imaginations) to open up and run wild!

“Wild” is one way to describe these gutting discoveries.  It is impossible to stand in this space – so bare and vulnerable now – and not feel pride for the vision that lived before us and for the new life we are creating for it.  There is a lot of very exciting work to be done and we are excited to pursue it.

Our curiosity about this building’s past is peaked.  Got some memories of the building to share or know about its history?  We want to hear from you. Please share your memories of 7 West Broad in the comments below, on social media, or even by visiting us at the theater.  

Everyday we get a little closer.  We will continue to share our progress with you so stay tuned! Be sure to sign up for our restaurant e-blast for periodic updates!