And Then There was Chef Will Mooney

And Then There was Chef Will Mooney

We would be remiss to not feature an ode to The Brother’s Moon in our quest for learning about the previous lives of 7 West Broad.  

While in our research we came across this wonderful social media post from July 21, 2016.  NJ Restaurant Life, the official social media name for the NJ Restaurant and Hospitality Association, shared this:

“If you cook at home and you cook simply, it is generally fairly healthy, and that’s what we do here. We cook well and we cook true to what the foods are.  We don’t add ingredients that people don’t really know. It is very straightforward and honest. And hopefully people feel that and are nice and comfortable when they come here, as if they were having a home-cooked meal.” – William Mooney, The Brother’s Moon.  

It is nearly impossible to go anywhere in the area without someone sharing a very fond memory about The Brother’s Moon.  This restaurant was a staple in our community – as were the businesses that came before it. A place that felt like home and fed the bellies and souls of neighbors, friends, and families for nearly 18 years.  

Straightforward and honest”, as Chef Mooney says in the above quote, seems to be a reoccuring theme from each business that called 7 West Broad home.  As is the desire to ensure guests feel they are being taken care of, listened to, and nourished.  

As we continue to create and plan, we can assure you that our new take on this iconic local building will be no different.