The Revival of Old Theaters into Modern Time Capsules

The Revival of Old Theaters into Modern Time Capsules

  • Old theaters around the country are being renovated as modern art house cinemas that become escapes for people looking to have a richer experience watching film.
  • In the age of online streaming, these theaters provide an immersive experience that becomes a part of people’s memory of the film.
  • Hopewell Theater is similarly a haven for people to have a warm, memorable time while enjoying film, performances, live music, and more.

The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles is an old theater now revived as a modern art house cinema. It is one of several old theaters in Los Angeles, New York City, and other cities that have undergone renovations and returned as cinematic time capsules.

Historic theaters like these are on the rise as retreats of nostalgia and immersion in classic film. They draw moviegoers even for movies that are available online because of the experience that only comes with seeing a movie in an inviting space surrounded by fellow fans of film.

As described in this New York Times article about the New Beverly Cinema, such theaters are described as good escapes, offering people a sense of camaraderie so often lost in the age of at-home streaming.

“A generation of people who have only seen movies at home now want to see them” in theaters, said Jake Perlin, 44, the artistic director at Metrograph.

Like these theaters, Hopewell Theater has a long, rich history pre-dating its renovation. It has been a place of community for over a century and now returns, recently renovated, as a haven where people can enjoy arts, culture, and community together with other people in a warm, welcoming environment.

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