The Matt O’Ree Band Brings Their New Singles to Hopewell

The Matt O’Ree Band Brings Their New Singles to Hopewell

Over the past few years, the New Jersey-based Matt O’Ree Band has done what most area bands do. They’ve played their shows, developed their sound, released their records, and very quietly built a massive fan base in the process. What makes this band different from all the others is that their local fan base includes Bruce Springsteen, David Bryan, and Steve Cropper, all of whom have volunteered to perform on the band’s album, “Brotherhood.”

The band has been touring the midwest featuring their latest album, “Live at the Stone Pony,” and has received a lot of positive feedback. Despite this, and while being in the process of writing new songs, they have somehow also found the time to record two new singles.

The new singles diverge from the norm because their lead singer is actually Matt O’Ree’s wife, Eryn. Both songs will be released on all streaming services Wednesday, July 31st, the day they’ll be performing at Hopewell Theater to celebrate the release. Opening for the Matt O’Ree Band that night will be fellow NJ rockers, The Mad Kings.

Titled “Without You” and “Through Time With You,” the songs were co-written by John Ginty, the B3 organ player for the Allman Bets Band and the Dixie Chicks, as well as O’Ree, Eryn, and drummer John Hummel. “Without You” is a slower, mid-tempo rock song that Eryn says she wrote for her daughter, and “Through Time With You” is a more upbeat rock tune with a driving groove. You can read more about the singles here.

With Eryn’s dynamic vocals, O’Ree’s gritty vocals, and the band’s well-known rock sound, these songs are a sign the band is moving in a new direction with a powerhouse team.

The Matt O’Ree Band will be in Hopewell on Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30pm. Their live show is like revisiting a Zeppelin concert at the Garden, and with Lex Lehman on bass, John Hummel on drums, Layonne Holmes and Eryn Shewell laying down angelically gutsy backing vocals, Matt and company have built a foundation that can hold up the biggest house on the block. Grab your tickets here while you still can!