Suzin Green in Princeton U.S.1

Suzin Green in Princeton U.S.1

If you’re looking for new sounds and an experience that transcends the ordinary, then look no further than the music of Suzin Green and allow yourself to travel the vibrant pathways of pure sound. With Green’s astounding vocals, Daniel Johnson’s powerful percussion grooves, and Tom Spiker’s virtuoso guitars, they create a pulsing sonic landscape that weaves the power of ecstatic chant, tribal beats, and digital soundwaves. Their music takes you on a transformational journey inspired by the majesty and depth of the human soul.

Green will be performing an experimental concert tonight at Hopewell Theater and tickets are still available here. We highly suggest coming to this show as it will mark a hiatus in Green’s live performances as she works on a book that has been spinning around in her head for the past twenty-five years. Green has said, “It will be the last time to hear me live for maybe two years.”

Green was also recently interviewed by U.S.1 where she shared a great deal about her process, what her book will entail, and how she came into making this kind of music.

The highlights of the piece revolved around her home life growing up and how she grew to love music and experimental sounds. With her mother being well versed in piano and her father playing the mandolin, music was always a large part of Green’s childhood. She began studying classical piano at the age of six and continued until she was eighteen. She also learned the flute and played in her school’s orchestra and choir. All of this helped prepare for her university years where she studied a mix of music, dance, and philosophy and wrote a thesis entitled: “The Deep Song Singing: Creativity and Self-Expression, Artistic Discipline and Form, and Yogic Practice as a Triad for Inner Healing.”

Although she had support from her parents, they didn’t encourage her to pursue a serious career in music. This helped Green to discover who she truly was and explore her voice as a creative artist and mystic. Check out the full article here to learn more about Green’s search to uncover herself and be sure to check out her concert tonight at the Hopewell Theater.