Study Finds Live Concerts Increase Wellbeing & Life Expectancy!

Study Finds Live Concerts Increase Wellbeing & Life Expectancy!

  • A UK study found that even just 20 minutes of live music increases well-being better than yoga and dog-walking.
  • Live concerts were also found to increase feelings of self-worth, closeness to others, and mental stimulation.
  • Hopewell Theater’s warm, intimate venue makes it perfect for creating a uniquely close, comfortable, and memorable musical experience.

Good news to those of you who visit Hopewell Theater for live music events – a study found that attending live concerts increases life expectancy and improves well-being!

The study was commissioned by O2, a UK company that owns a number of the UK’s largest music venues, but was done in league with Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioral science and an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths University.

Using psychometric and heart-rate tests on concert attendees, yoga participants, and dog walkers, the study found that gig-going increased feelings of well-being by 21%, feelings of self-worth by 25%, closeness to others by 25%, and overall mental stimulation by 75%. Just 20 minutes of live music achieved the above increase in well-being, with yoga at 10% and dog-walking at 7%.

Those who attended a live concert at least once every two weeks were the most likely to score their contentment level the highest, suggesting that regular gig-going may build a long-standing improvement in well-being. It could even increase life expectancy by nine years!

We are big believers in the power that live music has to bring people together in a way that is unique. At Hopewell Theater, patrons can rely on enjoyment of the sound, sightlines and atmosphere to heighten their experience of established and emerging live music talent. See our calendar and listen to our Spotify playlist to check out what live concerts are coming to Hopewell soon.

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