Start Your Year with Award-Winning Short Films!

Start Your Year with Award-Winning Short Films!

  • It’s that time of year! Fans of short films will delight in our annual screenings of both the 21st Annual Animation Show of Shows and the 2020 Oscar Nominated Short Films!
  • The Animation Show of Shows brings us an award-winning selection of beautiful stories brought to life with skillful animation, screening early January.
  • The Oscar Nominated Shorts showcase the best of the best short films, all nominated for an Academy Award in their category of either Animation, Live Action, or Documentary.

It takes skill to tell a good story, and even more to tell it in a limited amount of time. Begin the new year with our popular screenings of the 21st Annual Animation Show of Shows in early January and the 2020 Oscar Nominated Shorts early February!

The Animation Show of Shows features ten short films from seven countries produced by students and professionals worldwide. This annual showcase only includes the best of the best in animated short films, offering an array of highly imaginative, thought-provoking, and moving works that reflect the filmmakers’ unique perspectives and relationships with the world.

Animation is an incredibly versatile medium that allows artists to explore situations and ideas that you won’t see anywhere else,” says Animation Show of Shows founder and curator Ron Diamond. “From political and philosophical concerns, to the complexities of individual identity and personal relationships, animated short films are uniquely able to capture the many facets of human experience.”

The entire screening has a running time of 83 minutes. Some of the films have qualified for the 2020 Academy Award consideration, and will also be showing during the 2020 Oscar Nominated Animation Shorts. The screening also includes two mini-documentaries about the creative process behind two of the shorts. Ron Diamond says the program is kid-friendly with some tense moments.

The films shown will be Kids, Rubicon, Portrait of Gil Aklabetz, Five Minutes to Sea, Récit de soi, Le jour extraordinaire, Hounds, Portrait of Amit Cohen and Ido Shapira, The Fox and the Bird, and Daughter.

Starting the last day of January and continuing into early February is our screening of the 2020 Oscar Nominated Short Films in time for the Academy Awards on February 9. The screenings are divided into three categories: Animation, Live Action, and Documentary.

This is the 15th consecutive year that Shorts TV and Magnolia Pictures are presenting the Oscar-Nominated Short Films. This is your annual chance to predict the Oscar winners (and have the edge in your Oscar pool)! A perennial hit with audiences around the country and world, don’t miss this year’s selection of shorts, which will be announced on January 13.

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