After taking in a show, theatergoers have been provided with an easy means to enjoy a dinner afterwards.

The former Brother’s Moon restaurant will soon be serving up patrons and guests of the Hopewell Theater.

The restaurant, which is located on 7 West Broad St. in Hopewell, was purchased this year by Mitchel Skolnick, a co-founder of the Hopewell Theater production company.

The restaurant is on the same block and is adjacent to the Hopewell Theater, which results in a short walk for the theatergoers to have a meal.

The restaurant does not yet have a name and it is currently going through renovations, which are slated to begin this May and to be completed by Hopewell’s Baxter Construction.

“This new acquisition allows us to create more of an expanded offering of hospitality,” said Sara Scully, executive director and theater production company co-founder. “People will have a place to dine. Our catering kitchen right now is limited in what we can provide, so this purchase expanded our dining options at the theater.”

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