Jack Broadbent Brings His New Album to HT in February

Jack Broadbent Brings His New Album to HT in February

  • Jack Broadbent recently released his newest album, Moonshine Blue.
  • Defying genre and categorization, the album is inspired by Broadbent’s travels.
  • See Jack Broadbent on Friday, February 7 – get tickets now during our Holiday Sale to waive ticketing fees. Buy 4 tickets and get a discounted membership.

Upon releasing his new album, Moonshine Blue, on Nov 15, Jack Broadbent hopes to lose tags and stylistic expectations associated with him over four past releases. Broadbent eschews fitting into one particular genre and that fans are looking for variety. 

Broadbent is acclaimed for his acoustic slide guitar playing, and has been hailed as “the new master of the slide guitar” by the Montreux Jazz Festival and “the real thang” by legendary Bootsy Collins. 

After working on Moonshine Blue for the past two years, he recorded the album in Nashville first and finished in Montreal. He road-tested many of the album’s tracks in one-man shows, but also fleshed out a number of them with other players, such as his father, Micky Broadbent. 

Broadbent has been touring relentlessly across the country, and the world, with little time to sit down and work the songs out, but, as he says in an interview with Billboard, “that certainly brought in a lot of different moods and styles being in different places — different feelings, different times. If you’re writing while you’re always moving around that can give it a real sense of life.”

Born and raised in rural England, Broadbent’s influences include John Lee Hooker, Peter Green, Robert Johnson, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. With a devoted army of fans and tens of millions of YouTube views, this young musician’s career is going full throttle.

For Broadbent, it’s always about the songwriting. He is currently in the midst of a European tour, but will be here in the U.S. on February 7, when he plays at Hopewell Theater. Get your tickets here!


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