Big Artists Are Coming to Small Venues

Big Artists Are Coming to Small Venues

  • Major artists have started coming to small venues with low seating capacities more and more.
  • These “underplays” offer unique, close-up experiences that can’t be found in large, overcrowded arenas.
  • Hopewell Theater’s gives you a human experience with both established and emerging talent in a warm, intimate space.

In recent months, major artists have been performing at small venues with seating capacities far below their typical demand. These performances are called underplays, and are becoming more commonplace.

According to Pollstar, this past September alone, Billie Eilish, Guns N’ Roses, Miranda Lambert, The Black Keys, Sturgill Simpson, and Madonna all performed underplays.. The uniqueness of playing in a venue most major artists are not creates an organic buzz that gets people talking.

Live Nation’s chairman of global music, Arthur Fogel, says of Madonna, “When she plays an arena or stadium it’s like this larger than life Madonna pop star who is up on a pedestal of sorts; here, there’s a very real audience-to-artist interaction.” 

Giving people a chance to experience a concert that isn’t overcrowded with people and screens is a once-in-a-lifetime experiences that turns many people into lifetime fans and ambassadors.

This intimate interaction between artist and fan is what underplays are all about. Hopewell Theater, with a seating capacity of 180 people, cultivates this cozy, up-close experience at every live event, music or otherwise to create a deeper, warmer connection between people.

At our dine-in theater, patrons can rely on enjoyment of the sound, sightlines and atmosphere to heighten their experience of established and emerging live music talent. See our schedule and listen to our Spotify playlist to check out the artists coming to Hopewell soon.

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