Q: You say this is a dine-in theater, what’s to eat and when?

A: We offer a robust concession menu with small plate options, delicious baked goods and desserts, along with traditional concession goodies like popcorn, candy, and drinks – a complete dine-in theater experience, right here in Central NJ  These can be purchased at the concession stand and enjoyed during a show at your seat.  We also offer full meal Supper Clubs on certain nights.


Q: You offer Supper Clubs and a delicious Grab-and-Go Concession Menu – what’s the difference?

A: Our Supper Clubs are full dinners served by wait staff at the tables in our theater, and are scheduled occasionally.  Supper Clubs take place in the two hours prior to a scheduled show (never during a show) when the concession stand is closed. Check our dine-in schedule on the home page for full list of upcoming Supper Club events.

Whereas, our concession stand is open during all shows.  Concessions are for self-pick-up in the lobby and are not served by wait staff.

Q: Does a ticket to the Supper Club also get me into the show afterward?

A: Yes, Supper Clubs are a package and include dinner and a ticket to the show afterward.

Q: Hey, I just want popcorn with my movie. Is that possible?

A: Yes, our concession stand will offer traditional movie theater food like popcorn, candy, and soft drinks, along with delicious desserts and small plate options.

Q: Who’s your chef?

A: We use only local caterers for Supper Clubs and the hosting chef’s name will be posted with the Supper Club event details.  For our concession menu of small plates and desserts, we partner with local partners like The Bent Spoon and The Peasant Grill, and more!

Q: Do you serve alcohol, wine, beer?

A: We do not serve alcohol, wine or beer.

Q: Is your food local or organic?  What about vegan or gluten free?

A: Our concession menu features some locally made and organic items, as well as vegan and gluten-free options.  The menu is seasonal and often changing, so please check at the theater for the most up-to-date and fresh menu offerings.  Supper Clubs vary depending on event and hosting chef.